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匿名 asked: coldrain's mixed members.... masato of course! RxYxO, maybe? Katsuma? So many 'official' websites list two mixed members but apart from Masato I know none of them for certain.

I’ve ever guessed that RxYxO and Katsuma are two mixed members. But as long I look for it, I’ve never found that there two mixed members in coldrain. If you know the link, maybe you can give it to me. Then, I’ll help you to make sure who are those two mixed member? How?

匿名 asked: hi! ^_^ i have question. the band coldrain - there are two half japanese members people say? but i only know the talented masato. is there another member who is mixed or i hear wrong?

I’m not sure about this. But, I’ve heard that coldrain have 2 other half japanese members. May you make a guess who are they?